Fractional Dimension RTA (FD-RTA) was developed to analyze simple and complex networks of fractures in your well. This method offers:

Fractional Dimension Rate Transient Analysis (FD-RTA)

Get to know FD-RTA and unleash the power of RTA

No more fracture length that is too short and needs enhanced permeability regions. No more declining permeability with time to match performance.

Additionally, you will be able to construct numerical models with just a few clicks capable of running multiphase problems in only seconds.

Did you know that the RTA method most commonly used in the industry assumes that fractures in the well are equally spaced?

Have you ever wondered how important it might be if they are not?

Chances are that fractures have complex geometry and the performance of a well changes as a result. For example, consider the two wells below with the same number of fractures, fracture length, and  pore volume, but different fracture spacing.

If we analyze the production and pressure records with the RTA method most commonly used in the industry, we will get a correct response only for the equally spaced fracture model, but we will significantly underestimate fracture length and volume for the unequally spaced fracture model. Only FD-RTA gives the correct solution for both cases.

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Jorge Acuna on RTA

“Since I started to evaluate unconventional well performance in 2014, it was apparent that most wells exhibited well-defined flow regimes that lasted months or years. Upon closer examination however, it became clear that they did not correspond to the expected linear or boundary dominated flow but to something “in between”. Fractals exhibit that precise behavior and are the result of complex fracture geometry”.

Get to know FD-RTA and unleash the power of RTA.