Fractional Dimension RTA (FD-RTA)

Free Introduction

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About the course

The objective of the course is to prepare engineers to apply FD-RTA to their own wells, interpret results and gain new insights into well behavior.   

The course consists of 8 videos. The first two present elements of FD-RTA necessary to understand the method but without going into its mathematical basis. The next five videos are worked examples of different well types solved with Kappa Topaze. The last video shows a brief description of the tools currently available in Kappa Topaze to construct and work with fracture swarm models.

Content of course

Part 1: The basics (43 min)

Part 2: Inside FD-RTA (56 min)

Problem 1: Well with equally spaced fractures (28 min)

Problem 2: Oil well case (32 min)

Problem 3: Gas well case (13 min)

Problem 4: Condensate well case (16 min)

Problem 5: Calibrating a multiphase oil well (19 min)

Session 1: Using fracture swarm models (13 min)